The Best Recovery For Soccer Injuries And Pain

The Best Recovery For Soccer Injuries And Pain

No soccer player plays with the intent on getting injured, unfortunately, many times it's hard to play with passion without experiencing the pain as well. Pain from losing, pain from a bad call and pain in your body are all common among athletes. While some pains can't be remedied, pain in your body can and should be remedied as soon as possible.

Almost all soccer injuries are painful, and some require medical attention. Others don't require medical treatment, but rather improve with simple methods including rest and ice therapy. Icing your injuries may not immediately alleviate all of your symptoms, but it will help immensely with pain and swelling.


Typical Soccer Injuries and Benefits of Ice Therapy

Here are some annual soccer injury statistics in the United States according to the NEISS and Healthgrove.

  • Soccer injuries have increased from 100,000 injuries in 2002 to 225,000 in 2015. This number shows a natural increase due to the growth of the sport of soccer.
  • Over the past 36 years ankle injuries outnumbered knee injuries at 18.2%
  • Soccer comes in 5th after Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Basketball for injuries per participant.
  • The majority of soccer-related injuries occur to the large age range of 6-34 yr old but extends into the 50’s.
  • Knee, ankle, and foot injuries account for the vast majority of soccer injuries and pain



Annual Soccer Injuries by Age


Injuries to the knee and ankles affect most soccer players and when someone goes down and ice is the first respondent. First there is the pain which is soon followed by the swelling. Swelling is a natural response to the trauma inflicted to that specific area. Fluid and blood fills the injured joint/part which increases in size fairly quickly and this is where ice therapy is at its best. Ice is a very reliable tool for treating swelling as it reduces the inflammation by actions of constricting blood flow and blood vessels to that specific area. Since this is an acute injury heat isn't necessary. Heat will actually send fluids to the injured area, which will cause more swelling.


Youth Soccer PLayer Injured


Pain management for long-term soccer related injuries can become quite expensive depending on the extent of the injury, but preliminary measures performed at the first sign of injury don't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Simply using ice at the onset of common soccer injuries can begin the healing process immediately, eliminate pain and significantly reduce recovery time.

Aside from pain management icing can help muscles recover to prevent future injuries.


How to Use Ice for Pain Management

Using icing therapy as part of the R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment is recommended by many health professionals, but ice isn't just for injuries which swell. Icing therapy can help sore and pulled muscles recover faster and prevent further injury. Rest is usually recommended for these types of injuries, but any soccer player knows rest means no practice and less activity. This sometimes means even light and less strenuous soccer practice must be avoided. The solution? Applying ice to muscles while performing these less strenuous activities helps you keep your soccer game up to par while your muscles recover.

Ice should be applied in twenty-minute increments according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, hence the name “ICE20.” aThese twenty-minute increments should continue four to eight times for the first 24 to 48 hours after the injury. Ice is an important part of the R.I.C.E. treatment recommended for injuries. 


ICE20 In Every Soccer Bag


ICE20 is a revolutionary therapy which uses real ice and condones to muscle recovery and pain relief for injuries. A no leak ice bag is refillable and features adjustable straps to provide a slide free fit. Gentle pressure is applied from the bag to relieve pain. A rubber interior helps keep ice cold longer providing several twenty-minute cycles of ice therapy, muscle recovery and soccer pain relief.


Use the ICE20 ankle for quick relief from ankle sprains, speeding the overall recovery process. The ICE20 knee is perfect for knee strains, bruises and swelling. The portable design and leak-proof quality of these bags make them the perfect addition for soccer bags no matter what skill level you're playing at. The ease of use makes them simple enough for younger athletes or more skilled players. ICE20 ice wraps apply icing therapy, gentle compression, help you follow the R.I.C.E. treatment guidelines, and should be considered important gear when packing a soccer bag. ICE20 could be the difference between being prepared or being in pain, don't leave home without being prepared, pack ICE20 for every soccer practice and every game!


Full Line of ICE20 Ice Wraps


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