Eat, Sleep, Volleyball, Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Volleyball, Repeat.

Last week we had the horrible task of heading to Manhattan beach, CA and interviewing professional AVP Volleyball player, Allison McColloch.  We discussed her upcoming tournaments and also a typical game day at the beach in regards to consumption, warm-ups, and recovery.

Us: Hi Allison, do you mind if we call you Allie?

Ali: No problem, everyone does, but it’s spelled “Ali”


Us:  Sounds good. So Ali, I hear you had a tournament last week is that correct?

Ali: That’s right, last week we played a 1-day single-elimination tournament between 10 US teams. Teams finishing 1st and 2nd got to go to 3 international events.  You actually earn FIVB points through these international events and the FIVB points go towards to the opportunity to get you into more tournaments which help to get into the Olympics!


Us: That’s awesome so how did it go last week?

Ali: We Won!


Us: Congrats, Ali! And you also have a tournament coming up tomorrow.. Tell us about it.

Ali: Another USAV Norceca Qualifier #2 is coming up tomorrow.


Us: So tell how tomorrow will go from start to finish.  What is a typical day in the life of Ali on a tourney day?  What does breakfast look like?

Ali:  Hmmm, well it starts with avocado toast.  2 pieces of gluten free bread.  1 avocado, 1 egg.  Also, I cannot function with out coffee!!  So I always have my cup of coffee along with my toast.

The night before I have all of my stuff ready for game day.

I arrive at the courts about an hr early and start my warm up routine.


Us:  So tell me what that warm-up looks like. 

Ali:  My partner and I developed a dynamic warm up.  Includes active stretching.  Internal and external rotation with a band for shoulder warm up.  Series of footwork and sprints, shuffles, a star drill on the sand.  Arm warm up with the ball, passing, and setting.

Us: What about coach?  Do you guys have a coach that is involved with the warm up?

Ali:  Yes, actually this is when our coach comes in.  He starts a pass, set and side out warm up.  If we have time he will do some defensive drills for leg movement and reaction.

About 10 min before match starts, coach can’t be there anymore.  We do a quick water break, serve drills, and get ready to go.


Us: So if you lose game 1, you are out, but if you win you get another game in 1 hour so what do you do then?

Ali: Get out of the sun immediately! Water, rehydrate.  I use a drink called e-boost and life advantage with lots of electrolytes and a little bit of sugar.


Us:  I’m hungry just thinking about playing V-ball on the beach so I assume you eat something too right?

Ali:  Yes.  That is the most important part!  Usually I have a bag with nuts, all raw and organic.  Nothing processed.  If I played an early match or spent a lot of energy in match, I feel what my body needs, then I eat a half of a sandwich.


Us: What kind of sandwich?

Ali: Usually a plain chicken sandwich and some kind of veggie with it.  Also if I am feeling a little tight I will go to the trainers and get stretched out.  After that, the next game’s warm up routine will be significantly shorter.


Us: So if you win do you play a 3rd game?!

Ali: Actually we would play 4 games for the Norceca Qualifier with about 1-1.5 hours in between each match.

Us: Impressive.  Would you have a consistent recovery in between each of your games?

Ali: Yes, similar recovery depending on how my body feels.  A lot of snack foods, like nuts, raw veggies, etc.


Us:  So tell us about your post tournament recovery.

Ali: Typically, I love to go get sushi after a full a full day of playing! I love this place in Hermosa called Oakie Dokie Sushi!  First Re-fuel and then Ice!!

Us: So now I want sushi too, thanks for that.  So would you say that ice is the best recovery wether you are injured or not?

Ali: Yes, Ice is preventative, it doesn’t matter if you are injured or not.  I have had a bad shoulder for many years now and ice is the best preventative remedy. 


Us: Tell us why you choose Ice20 as your favorite recovery method.


Ali: Oh man, ICE20 has been such a game changer for me!  With Ice 20 I am supper excited to be able to just put my shoulder wrap on no matter where I am.

I’m used to putting ice in a baggie and using saran wrap around my shoulder and I ALWAYS get water all over my car and it is simply uncomfortable, ice bags are a night mare.  ICE20 I really believe is a game changer when it comes to post game recovery.  I take my Double Shoulder everywhere I go now!


Us:  We sure love hearing that, Ali! Best of luck this week and in your upcoming tournaments!

Ali: Thanks!

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